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Results & Deliverables

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Maximising our impacts

Policy input for sustainability

MacroFuels issued a Policy Brief  titled ‘Seaweed as sustainable biomass for a European bioenergy sector’ in which we summarised findings and recommendations from the MacroFuels Horizon 2020 research and innovation project. The brief gives an overview of the challenges and key findings of sustainable seaweed production and utilisation as biomass for bioenergy as they resulted from research and assessment activities within the first 30 months of the MacroFuels project.

Stakeholder engagement

To learn more about our approach in engaging with our target groups and about our formats and results during the first project phase, please read our public project deliverable:


'Stakeholder engagement events

and results’ evaluation report –

Issue 1'.

Project visibility

Find out more about our online presence and social media channels in our public project deliverable:


'Project website and social

media presence'

Stakeholder SAMS 1.jpg

Trip to the seaweed farm during our MacroFuels Stakeholder Conference (© R. Clancy)

 Publications & Presentations

Find out more about our impact maximisation measures by browsing our publications and presentations

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