Peer Review Publications


L-Rhamnose Metabolism in Clostridium beijerinckii Strain DSM 6423

Mamou Diallo, Andre D. Simons, Hetty van der Wal, Florent Collas, Bwee Houweling-Tan, Servé W. M. Kengen, Ana M. López-Contreras

Applied and Environmental Microbiology



Valuable Biomolecules from Nine North Atlantic Red Macroalgae: Amino Acids, Fatty Acids, Carotenoids, Minerals and Metals.

Parjikolaei, Behnaz Razi; Bruhn, Annette; Eybye, Karin Loft; Larsen, Martin Mørk; Rasmussen, Michael Bo; Christensen, Knud Villy; Fretté, Xavier C. (2016)

Natural Resources



Can Seaweed Farming Play a Role in Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation?


Butanol fermentation of the brown seaweed Laminaria digitata byClostridium beijerinckii DSM-6422.

Xiaoru Hou, Nikolaj From Petersen, Wouter Huijgen, Irini Angelidaki, Anne-Belinda Bjerre (2017)

Bioresource Technology


A two-plasmid inducible CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing tool for Clostridium acetobutylicum.

François Wasels, Jennifer Jean-Marie, Florent Collas, Ana M. López-Contreras,
Nicolas Lopes Ferreira (2017)

Journal of Microbiological Methods


Crude fucoidan content in two North Atlantic kelp species, Saccharina latissima and Laminaria digitata - seasonal variation and impact of environmental factors.

Bruhn A, Janicek T, Manns D, Nielsen MM, Balsby TJS, Meyer AS, Rasmussen MB, Hou X, Saake B, Göke C & Bjerre AB (2017)

Journal of Applied Phycology



The Environmental Risks Associated With the Development of Seaweed Farming in Europe - Prioritizing Key Knowledge Gaps

Iona Campbell, Adrian Macleod, Christian Sahlmann, Luiza Neves, Jon Funderud,
Margareth Øverland, Adam D. Hughes and Michele Stanley (2019)

Front. Mar. Sci.

doi: 10.3389/fmars.2019.00107 

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