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Results & Deliverables

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Seaweed cultivation, harvesting and storage processes

Year-round cultivation with rotating crops

MacroFuels developed the novel year-round cultivation of macroalgae utilising different test sites in Scotland and Denmark featuring different cultivation conditions (e.g. exposed vs. sheltered, high and low nutrients in the waters).

In fact, MacroFuels established the first ever exposed cultivation site in Denmark.

Across the different test sites, local varieties of the targeted summer crops (i.e. Ulva, Palmaria, Fucus) complemented the better established winter crops (Saccharina and Alaria).

Prospects for European offshore cultivation

For the exposed Danish cultivation site preliminary results indicate improved biomass yields and quality compared to sheltered sites, which is very promising for further upscaling of Europen seaweed cultivation towards large scales.

Direct seeding

MacroFuels proved the concept of direct seeding in combination with advanced cultivation substrates and novel binders that are optimised for local conditions. This boosts the efficiency and reduces the costs of operations by being able to cultivate at sea.

Harvesting and storage

We tested a prototype of an automated harvester and proved the technical feasibility of automated harvesting concepts.

Novel seaweed storage bags which have been developed by SIOEN as part of MacroFuels allow storing the biomass and ensile it at the same time. Storage at sea is being tested, which could help to overcome the highly costly drying and storing of seaweed on land, which could represent barriers for future industry-scale operations.

For images and further details of the automated harvester please visit the ATSeaNova website.

rotating crops.png

The MacroFuels rotating crop concept (© MacroFuels)

AU_Net at Hjarnø 27-3-2018.jpg

The MacroFuels seaweed cultivation test site at Hjarno, Denmark (© Aarhus University)

storage bags.png

MacroFuels seaweed storage bags (© SIOEN, manufacturer of the storage bags)

 Publications & Presentations

Find out more about our progress in seaweed cultivation, harvesting and storage by browsing our publications and presentations

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