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EURIDA Research Management is a sole proprietorship company and specializes in the support of universities, SMEs, research institutes and organizations in the internationalization, impact assessment and maximisation and sustainability of their research activities. EURIDA has strong expertise in European research and innovation strategies, such as Europe 2020, the Innovation Union and related Flagship Initiatives as well as sectoral strategies, such as ‘Energy Strategy for Europe’, ‘EU Blue Growth’ and ‘Resource-efficient Europe’.
EURIDA’s focus lies on major European research projects and international cooperation, since those entail special requirements in the areas of impact creation and stakeholder liaisons. The design of cross-thematic features, such as profound dissemination and communication strategies, the collection of stakeholder feedbacks, their evaluation and embedding in existing project concepts but also the organisation of stakeholder events and liaising with standardization bodies and policy makers are at the core of EURIDA’s expertise.
EURIDA’s team has experience in communication and public engagement activities and has worked in the fields of Blue Growth, Health, Biotechnology, Environment and Earth Sciences on European, regional and national level.
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